When your cup runneth over – A podcast

Writing takes me to another level. It creates the perfect balance between realism and invention. Creation is the aftermath. 
It takes a great deal of courage to be able to write for all the world to read. Behind the façade of the writer, is a tumultuous mind vulnerable to criticism or applause. Would you be courageous enough to withstand the pressures either way?

Listen to why you should let your cup runneth over to feel emancipated, cherished, and loved – shobana

Paperback version available on Amazon. At the First Dawn of Love

a miraculous escape, an obsessive love that created history – amidst a 21-st century breakthrough rescue by her local police, assisted by the British, American, French Intelligencehighly skilled officers on satellite and working undercover on the ground. Why did the world join the forces on a TOP Secret mission to save her?

Just by following her, they broke into thousands and thousands of criminal and terrorism-related cells locally and worldwide and traced notorious leaders of the different terror organizations. By following her, they got insights into the modus-operandi of the extremists and managed to save this generation and the next by learning about the latest technology and methods used by the extremists to torture and kill their victims. Her victimization led to her saving millions of lives, especially, children worldwide.

Why did the police follow her? Because she was one of the Christians they were safeguarding from the hands of extremists.

After years of torture, her prayers to be saved were finally answered, and God showed himself to her.

A miracle no one would ever believe!

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