It is a 21st-century rescue attempt that paid off!

A dream come true for some, A reality for some, A fiction for some, A success story that came with pain -shobana


by Shobana Gomes (Author)  Format: Kindle Edition

For eighteen years, Marie had been on the run from Islamic State terrorists who had built a caliphate in her country.

A Catholic, she was the target of Christian persecution by the Muslim terrorist group who had established their jihadist mission at home and worldwide.

The terrorists committed genocide and ethnic cleansing on various non-Muslim ethnicities including Christians, and with their massive number of members worldwide, was a force hard to eliminate in the blink of an eye.

Unaware that the police were looking after her family as it was a TOP SECRET mission, they came in droves to kill her in various ways and ended up getting netted in traps laid by the police instead.

In the same instance, the local police commissioned the assistance of the international police (INTERPOL) to safeguard her family. The police had an obligation to look after Marie and her family after they had broken into countless terror cells in the country by just following her.

And to make things more bizarre for Marie, she learned that someone with links to the Mafia had fallen in love with her. He enlisted the help of worldwide, authoritative figures to join the police to move her to a safe haven.

Read about a 21st-century escape, mafia-type, and a miraculous satellite-saving technology that finally saved Marie and her family.

Read about how the British, American, and French intelligence together with the local police, scooped in via satellite to save Marie from the hands of Islamic extremists.

And, read about how God came into her life to do the same.

For your children to know of the dangers in the world and to be aware – shobana

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