The Frenchman and His Lady – Free Book to Read

Free to read. Please leave a like and review.

A romantic comedy for your reading pleasure.

The war has just ended in France. Morabad and his men are enlisted to a camp outside of a village that has suspected insurgents hiding inside. The insurgents are part of a drug and weapons smuggling gang.

On the first day of his visit to the village, he meets the ravishing Maria and her loud, french-speaking mother.

The soldiers had barged into the privacy of her home, which catches Maria off-guard as she lay languishing in the cool waters of the stream running alongside it.

Their meeting did not get off to the right start.

Morabad suspects something amiss as he questions Maria about the whereabouts of her father.

He and his two soldiers decide to investigate further and work undercover, disguising themselves as an old teacher and his two sons.

What would their investigations reveal and will Maria forgive him for his deception when she finds out who he really is?

Find out how the story ends.


As you know, I have worked with the French, loved their language so much because I found it romantic, I studied it. I have many, many friends in France. So, here’s The Frenchman and His Lady, a romantic comedy you will simply love. It is free to read. Would love a review please.

Here’s my mantra to reach France in one piece soon.

I am going to France, I am going to France, I am going to France – haha. Every morning, I say this mantra. I hope the virus disappears from the face of the Earth. I really want to meet my friends again. A bientot, mes amis. Je veux voir mes amis bientôt, sil vous plait. Alors, Je suis à venir cette année- shobana

10 Comments on “The Frenchman and His Lady – Free Book to Read

  1. The love for all things French. Haha. I hope you are able to travel soon, Shobana. It’s great to live one’s passions. And I don’t know French. Oh well. Will check out the story. 🙂


  2. Ooh, j’adore le français aussi, main je ne il parle pas bien comme toi. Je pense à connaître beaucoup quand je voyage à France ou quand j’aller pour les classes de français. J’aime cette histoire. Je vais à la lire. Thanks for sharing. Feels like a really good read.

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