What time is it in heaven?

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What time is it in heaven?

When the clouds part to let in the rays of light,

sparkling lights that fall way below upon earth’s heresy.


Those rays often remind me of hope,

Among the disillusions of life, rays of hope fall upon silent cries,

cries that are heard, some gone unheard by the heavens,

that preach a God above.


What time is it in heaven?

When once I stood below, trying to count the stars,

It was neither dark or crimson clad,

the clouds,

that brought forth the night for the weary below.


I know not what the time may be in those heavens that bring forth

light, darkness and meagre ramblings of disgruntled weather,

I do know though that no matter the raining earth, the heavens do

proclaim a love for hope.


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The heavens did weep for her as did he who fought to save her life.

When she got down on her knees that day, she finally knew that her life had been spared and that it would only get better from thereon. With clasped hands she stared hard at the crucifix, the words on her lips a mere whisper – thank you, Lord.

For the past eighteen years, Marie had been on the run from the Islamic State terrorists who had built a caliphate in her country. A Catholic, she was the target of Christian persecution by Muslim terrorists who had established their jihadist mission worldwide.

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