Love, an addiction

We walked hands entwined on a Valentine summery day,

Another sun had risen to mark our escapades,

The time seemed right, though the waters gleamed of yesterday’s light,

It is what it is when the sun hides behind darkened skies.


It was then you asked me,

If I believed in love,

and I said,

Not an emotion have I pictured in my mind since the day I met you,

Such as the one known as ‘love’

It sprung in me a turmoil, one of indecision, one of expectation, and a longing,

I learned what yearning meant to me,

I learned that happiness is what it should entail.


Yes, I do believe in love,

I do so believe that love is an addiction.


13 Comments on “Love, an addiction

  1. Oh sweetness, what a great piece… the words, the pictures they create, and the powerful memorable ending: I do so believe that love is an addiction. I am amazed, dear Shobana. 😍

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