Paved in a blanket of purple

I want the path paved in a blanket of purple.

Of gentle flowers they were,

A bedded path that leads to a haven of misgivings,

-Sometimes what appears on the outside belies reality-


Have you ever taken a route that led to someplace unknown,

A place where people look alike,

Or speak a language familiar,

But dread the steps you take to enter their territory,

You, they view as the stranger.


I have lived my life as a stranger,

In a land where I was born,

Where people have misguided forms of interpretation.

Have you known of places like these?


I walk away sometimes,

hearing whispers that is close to lies,

wondering if those people who speak those cumbersome lines,

know how they portray themselves to the world outside.


I have come to summarize that truth can never be made into lies,

nor can lies ever be told as truths. They will surface sometime to create a commotion deep within you.


Read it on video. Reaching Out to the Heaven in You.

8 Comments on “Paved in a blanket of purple

  1. Such a wonderful piece, Shobana. It’s true; no amount of truth can cover up lies nor can the reverse be true. Truths just remain truths and lies lies. What an amazing thought, something most people forget. πŸ‘ πŸŒΌπŸ€—


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