Sighing Sky

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Upon mountain tops that reach a placid sky,

I see the sun grace the morning tides,

of contented clouds that leave a mark upon a sighing sky.


I fly on wings that neither touches earth nor sky,

I want to sail across that sighing sky,

A painter’s pride I shall be,

Or a poet’s rhyme on ink that never runs dry.


I am with clouds that have raised a sun against a sighing sky.


Free to Read on Inkitt.

Tempered Tides.

An entry for the Thriller contest, press the like button if you liked the story.

The tempestuous seas rise as Calina’s spirit seeks revenge.

8 Comments on “Sighing Sky

      • You’re most welcome, Shobana. Always. Your book is beautiful. I read it today, and will reread it again this coming week. I adore the way you use the snow as a backdrop, and like a main character in this love story, creating wondrous imagery and feelings. The suspense weaved into the story is also wonderful, as it is when the two finally meet. Congratulations on this book, my dear friend. I will leave a review once I’ve read it again. Have a great week!

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