I know not who is to blame

It was none other than the thunder that brought about the rain,

Someone walked beside me,

I know not his name.


He carried an umbrella, though it was in vain,

So I ask in a gentle voice,

Would you tell me your name?


Are you the stranger that walks with me, every time it does rain?

Are you the one who believes in me, just as if you feel my dreaded pain?


There is that tiny whisper of a name I wish I had gained,

When I am in chains unseen, how can freedom be attained?


It may be the thunder or the clouds above that hide my hidden pain,

It may be that the world is lost to a plunderer’s gain.

I know not who is to blame.


I walk under an umbrella held by someone, I know not his name,

He shields me from the ravages of rain,

He shields me but it is in vain.


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10 Comments on “I know not who is to blame

  1. Oh, this is very a touching poem, beautiful in its construction too. I could resonate with it. You write so well, my dear Shobana, every line’s just flowing smoothly and leading to the next. I love it with the whole of my heart.

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  2. This is perfect for anyone who knows that going through tough times can be so lonely. That umbrella is a beautiful symbol of faith. Have bookmarked the short story on Inkitt. Will give it a read. 🙂

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