A Take on Malayalis too!

From the book – FILWANI

I remember when my aunt from India came down to Kuala Lumpur a couple of years back.

She saw me wearing a short dress, and with a distasteful look on her face, cautioned me about wearing something like that in India.

“Don’t think of wearing clothes like this in India. They will think that you have no shame,” she exclaimed, mollified. β€œMalaysian girls are modern, I understand, but aren’t we Indians. We have to uphold our Indian heritage. In India, girls are very conservative. Girls are supposed to be modestly attired.”

I looked at my aunt, responding to her uncalled remarks a little defiantly, “There is nothing wrong with wearing this dress. It is only from knees down that it is bare.” She replied with a touch of sarcasm, “Good girls don’t show half their bodies!”

Who could argue with that? I was showing my great legs! If you have it, then flaunt it kinda thing! Plus, how is it my legs make up half of my body? Malayalis are also famed for their exaggeration.

A molehill turns into a mountain most of the time. In exaggeration, words can sing or sting.

I left it at that.

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There are a couple of things in life that will jar you to a halt, make you re-evaluate your priorities in life, aid you to unleash the hidden dreams and ambitions locked away in that secret compartment in your mind; the dreams that you dare not reveal to a world that mocks and taunts.

Not everyone gets a second chance to do the things they want or dream. Like, not everyone will take a chance on love if it happens when not free to indulge.

Falling in love with a North Indian is the story of a girl who meets the man of her dreams in India. She is exuberant as she is high-spirited, and in the old fashion way, he fascinates!

He was the perfect distraction. If only Anjali knew that he had set sights on her the day she landed in Trivandrum!


9 Comments on “A Take on Malayalis too!

  1. M’hhhm… this one brought some laughter to my face. My dear Shobana… you didn’t miss, you had to show what your mommy gave you πŸ€£πŸ€— Such a clash of beliefs with your aunt. Modernity is taking the world with storm, and change, o change is inevitable. I enjoyed, dear. 😊🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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