Beneath A Sky that Moves

How tempestuous life is, that I seek the serenity of a calm sea,

Its waters beneath a sky that moves,

Its depth, perhaps someday I shall know why.


Why do the waters rise above hardened sea beds and buried troves,

Troves of treasures, dead to the world above,

Below that which thrives do create another world.


I thought about the worst of life,

Living with regret, I summoned my heart to know,

Have you ever lived a life of regret?


There is that hurt that never dies,

Knowing that some wrong has been done to a life,

Knowing that you had the wisdom to not live a lie.

Knowing that there is someone greater who sees it all,

Hoping that one day you could redo the wrong.


Some speak the language of honesty,

On their lips they choose and form the right words,

Yet, not all the world is fooled,

They see the deceit,

It would then be hard to earn the trust you seek.


Love on their lips while hatred spews hatred.


I seek the serenity of waters calm,

Come what may, as the tide turns,

Time remains a mustered choice.


On a lazy Sunday.

Free to Read on Inkitt: Tempered Tides.

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