Cradled by the Sun

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Look at the distant Sun, cradled in a cloudless sky,

Taking center stage among the ruins below, ageless as they stand,

hidden from view on a dark, dark night.


As it disappears into a celestial universe above,

I think about those other stars,

The ones that blink their way after the Sun had gone,

The ones who waited till its master was done,

To delight and sway an unfit world below.


I think about the lovers that serenade with love songs,

Upon the stars, they cast their lovestruck woes,

O, wherefore art thou my beloved?

I wait as the stars above witness my longing,

I await the time for us to meet once more,

O, let it be before the Sun awakens the present night to another morn.


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Suddenly, the winds grew stronger at my words, and the tides crashed upon the virgin sands. I stood upright then. I saw the spirit of Calina rise through the waters, a whitish apparition summoned perhaps by the skies. Her face was drawn towards the clouds, and she rose to disappear up above. Perhaps I was right, heaven did lie between earth and sky.

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