Free to Read – Tempered Tides

A short story. Free to read. Please press on the link below, and press the like button on the Inkitt website to vote for my book. I have just added it as an entry for the Inkitt novel contest. Please leave a comment, would love to know what your thoughts are!

It is a funny thing about the sea. Even with the numerous tragedies that have taken place throughout time, they seem to remain devoid of any evidence of taint; guiltless, projecting a flawless façade to the world.

It must be through the unblemished waters that rise from its depth that it manages to clear the errors of tragedies and past disasters.

After a while, even though the calamities, all that remains is the pristine beauty of the seas. No one forgets the incidences; however, the beauty of the seas masks the catastrophes and lets minds wander.

The sea was calm as I walked on its wet sands. The tides were low and washed over my feet. Was there something lurking behind the calmness, I could not stop thinking?
A calm before the storm – is one of the adages that life throws at you. Many a time, turbulence occurs after hours of blissful calm.

I looked up at the sky. The clouds were beginning to darken and, on the horizon, the colors of the sun setting lighted up the deeper seas.

Traces of the yellow light still lingered on the waters. As the waters moved so did the shimmering light. They danced to an orchestra of illuminating shades and sublime beauty.

I often wondered if another life on another planet welcomed the sunrise and sunset the way we did. We had the advantage of watching creation unfold before our eyes.

The villagers believed that the Sun God smiled at sunrise and wished us adieu at dusk with a brilliant showing of its mesmerizing colors. It was a gift to the world. I believe it to be a gift too, a gift that will never fade with time. 
(An excerpt)

5 Comments on “Free to Read – Tempered Tides

  1. You always make the sea look and sound so beautiful. It definitely is a blessing to be able to witness nature’s best. Will definitely vote and leave a comment. Good luck! 🙂


    • My teenage years were spent by the seaside. We lived by the sea. I loved it. I watch the sunrises and sunsets and love the sound of tides, Terveen. Thank you for reading.

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