No matter the hour.

Did you guys get your booster jab yet?

I did mine yesterday, and my arm feels like a ton of bricks, but otherwise, I am OKAY!!

I just want to share something inspirational from Barack Obama. I saw a video clip early this morning, and he said that he has always learned how to put others above himself, and what a great way to think and live life. I have always admired him and Michelle. When he left office, I had a note from the White House with the words, Thank You! in the subject line. And, I thought that so awesome. I mean, it made this morning’s clip all the more clear to me.

Some people lead to make an impact and he is one of them, at least to me he is. I watch out for people with humility, generous with their hearts more than anything. These are the kind of people who inspire me to do better. You can build monuments with money, but without a good foundation, there is no pride in the monument.

I finally got As Delicate as Snow published on Shobana’s Book Station as an Ebook. You can get the book here: or visit my blog:

Have a great day!


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