The Charmer

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I don’t know if you see him the way I do,

A little smile on his face, especially when he faces you.


He sees not that he is cute,

Nor does he care if he is an absolute drool,

Some said he is a dreamer,

And others, “He’s dreamy, a pure charmer.”


I looked at him once from across the room,

He had a singular look on his face,

A kinda snobbish look that said,

“Look, I am what I am, Can you not make a comparison?”

He actually looked “disturbed” by the attention!


Well, who knows what’s inside a mind,

If you have the looks, you would have to flaunt it some time,

Be not the type who mishandles hype,

Lots of billionaires have made their mark,

Just showing off their styles.


I saw him walk away with none by his side,

And wondered if there would be someone

tucked away someplace.

Who knows what’s in the mind,

Of the charmed and a charmer.


Thought I would just write a fun poem today.

And for all asking, my new book, The Goddess of the Himavan is going to a publisher.

Will keep you updated. Have a great weekend all.

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