Wish Upon A New Year’s Star

Wish upon a New Year’s Star,

That lay triumphant on an opaque sky,

Blazing in its traces,

Dimming the light of the past seasons,

Igniting hope, love, peace, and bridging dreams,

that raises another ceremonial interjection,

on lives that trust in a new year’s exaltation.


I saw a star blaze across the sky,

ushering in 2022 in gold that even the opaque turned in hues,

I believe there was a tiny splash of stardust on its trail,

Like a dash of cognac that lifts spirits.

I wished upon that star, and it went quite something like this:

Let peace be the centerfold of our lives,

Let Earth beget its treasures once more,

Let love not be overshadowed by hate,

Nor lack of kindness destroy harmony,

Let the beauty of the world be cherished,

Let not the mediocre hearts destroy friendship,

Let the love begin with you and I.




It was a night to remember at my sister’s gorgeous residence to usher in the New Year. 

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