What is beauty to you?

For my 11.5K friends from France who visited this blog yesterday. (https://shobanagomes.blogspot.com/2021/12/what-is-beauty-to-you.html). Thank you. I am repeating like a mantra that I want to visit France in 2022 and I hope that the situation with the virus just disappears and we get back to normal – I cannot really remember what normal is any more. Can you?

I am going, I am going, I am going (a million mantras). I have friends to visit there.

We are a day away from the New Year. May love and peace reside in all hearts – shobana

Here’s a poem I would like to share with you and all my friends throughout the world.

What is beauty to you? he once asked me. We stood among the flowers, on a hill where sunrises never set. The day remained gloriously endowed by all that charmed.

I stared ahead at the wonder of it all. Would a question like that require a tender heart, or would it be in passing that I should present my thoughts?

How do I begin to capture what I want to say in words?

Not all of the time does one know how to express tender words,

Not where beauty is concerned.

So I say to him, 

When you see the world with tenderness,

No worth in words will take prominence,

Nor will you see flawed perfection,

As you believe you will see a vision, 

of enchantment.


Love is like the rainbow, a feast of sublimation after a storm.


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