Once Upon a December

Once Upon a December,
When the Yuletide cheer did ring loud,

Everywhere, the spirit of the season, 

triumphed in Merriment and magic.
Yes, Magic!

Did you hear the bells toll loud and clear,

On a starry night as the sound of wheels blazed across the skies?

Who goes there?

Maybe Saint Nicholas,

The gifter!

Did you see the star of David lead the three kings to a stable?

To the place where a newborn,

is born in a manger forlorn.

There was Magic everywhere!
Yes, Magic!

Once Upon a December,

I wished upon a star,

And down came the angels,

On harps and lutes and the trumpets did resound.

I wished for the world to know,

Not all is lost, Not all is in vain, The time for rejoicing bears near.

There was Magic that time too!
Yes, Magic!


Hey all, 
I haven’t been around for a while. Caught up with the unexpected at the homefront. It has been one thing after another – unexpected occurrences. December is now upon us and before long comes the New Year. Well, I wish everyone of you a great month of December and Happy Holidays – shobana

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