A Thanksgiving Song

 As she dreams about the gifts that endow nature, man, and all who pass her way, she thinks about love.

What do you say to love that entrusts a heart to you? Would you say that it embodies your sentiments to near madness?
Would you indulge in its truest form of acceptance? Would you remember every moment of its rapture, or every second when the pain of love guides your instincts, to the extent of unbridled affection?

And, be thankful with undying gratitude for a trusting love and its empowerment.

For to feel and to know love is to renounce fear that reigns in an encumbered heart.

Love holds ransom courage.

I shall be away for a couple of days guys. Be safe, be happy. Have a lovely weekend!

11 Comments on “A Thanksgiving Song

  1. Hmmmm this is quite interesting, well I would not say much about this paragraph , because i believe we all know it, love is real.and i wish to be in love again one day😁

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