If roses are a rarity, surely purity would be a scarcity!

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(From my book Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps)

Today, the roses are in full bloom,

Dew drop touched leaves, its escort,

There is magic pervading the air, Can you see it?

I whisper little notes of secret into those little pockets of bubbles that rise up to greet its presence,

They float just like my heart, Flutters about, tenderly around the blooms.

So afraid that a touch, or a linger, might destroy an ambiance so pure.

Today, there are tiny sprinkles of petals that flutter about,

encircling those roses of mystic, thinking,

If roses are a rarity, surely purity would be a scarcity.

-shobana-All rights reserved. Copyright@shobana2019

Touch each others lives and be inspired to discover beauty that is found within and throughout.

One more day to go before voting ends, everyone!! Let’s make As Delicate as Snow, a winner!! You can’t stop a girl from trying ,can you?? haha. If the numbers are right, I am second in the running right now.

  1. Press on the link below, go to page 7, scroll down to As Delicate as Snow and click on the link. Thanks so much for your support.

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