The Penultimate November

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November is the eleventh month of the year and a month for celebrations.

I looked for a month that would be special to me,

Would it be December? January or September? he asked me.

Well, December is nice except that people are laid back and look forward to festivities,

there is so much going on in the month, I don’t think you will spare much time for me.

January seems a little staid, considering it is the start of a new year, a new age.

September is the best, it is a balanced month they say,

But I disagree. For me, the month of November is one of thanksgiving and a great month in more ways than one.

Well, what about you, I ask him.

I love that the month has YOU in it. Let it be named any way you see fit, It will be special.


Have a great month of November – where the days are special and have YOU in it.


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