Voudrais-tu marcher son mon chemin (Would you like to walk my path)

Though I live on borrowed time, Amongst simplest deeds and love divine, where flowers blossom, they may not be one in kind, they lift my spirits, to another rhyme, . Just like music.. Sorrowed pasts have I left… Read More

The Enchantment

I hear your words drift amongst the trees of Florence, Touching the old rugged beams of age old tradition, Sailing across the waters that split the city for a reason, To enchant and inspire, Dreamers with a vision…. Read More

Two poems on Fevers of the Mind

Hey everyone, Two of my poems have been published on Fevers of the Mind Art & Poetry blog today. They also conduct author interviews free. Please read Perfect Love and Nostalgia, two short poems that I hope you… Read More