To Everything

A walk in the wilderness I took one day,

When the clouds were a crimson and adorned with an exquisite display,

The distant was welcoming,

The distant did claim,

That on the days the clouds parted,

The Earth was unveiled.


Seasons arise when on an axis it swayed,

Rotating, spinning, Oh that, how time took its place,

Once upon a winter, come spring, summer and autumn,

Of cold, warmth and heat did the fall sway the autumn.


I wish for you to know that come what may,

There is a season for everything, to everything,

That you and I have experienced to date.


To everything there is a season,

A time to be born, A time to die,

A time for war, and a time for peace,

A time to hate and a time to love,

A time to walk under the stars of heaven.

Eccelesiastes 13.


I thought about how the world rotated, and really, nothing made sense except for the beauty that surrounds us. This poem came to mind as I understood that everything we go through, everyone we meet in this journey of life, no matter how fleeting, will be part of our story.

I love writing about the beauty that surrounds us. Words make them a true testament. Have a great Sunday.


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7 Comments on “To Everything

  1. Beauty lies in the heart and the mind. And you are truly a beautiful person inside out. I love your positivity, Shobana. It’s infectious. And there is a season for everything. Some pass, some stay, some come to teach us harsh lessons. Thanks for this lovely poem. 🙂

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