The Sunset Silhouette

I don’t know if you have ever seen a sunset, 

the way I have many times before,

either going down a mountain or by the outline of the sea.

I always wondered why the colors blend,

Bringing on dusk with a different view,

Dusk being the entrance to another time zone.
I wondered if the Earth wasn’t a circle but a square,

If I could just walk towards the sunset and touch it before it goes down somewhere below the Earth’s hemisphere.

And I imagine that from where you stand, 

you would see the outline of a shadow,

which would be me,

and I would be known by painters as the Sunset Silhouette

(Taken from my book, Imagination Unchained, 2012)

Yesterday, I received a beautiful image of the sunset from one of my social media friends, and I thought about this poem I had written years ago. It is one of my favorite poems.I used to watch the sunrises and sunsets as a child. We lived by the seaside and every time I had the honor of witnessing the grand entrances and exits of the day, it seemed like the first time I was experiencing it.
Have a nice day – shobana-

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8 Comments on “The Sunset Silhouette

  1. This is so beautiful, Shobana. Sunsets are simply breathtaking. And they make one sit and ponder about life and its greater meaning. You are lucky to have grown up with such natural beauty. May many more lovely sunsets greet your eyes. Take care. 🙂

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