It’s raining this morning.

It is raining here this morning,

Not a day to be out gallivanting,

Just maybe lie back in bed,

Under the covers of warmth and comfort,

And find the perfect book to read.


I wish I was the child I was once,

On rainy mornings, the aroma of coffee fills our happy house,

The rest would be glum,

They cared not for the rain,

Their time to play outside cut short.


Unlike me…


I loved the smell of rain,

I loved that snuggly bed,

So, I am happy to say that I was more rested than other days,

I had more time to dream wishful dreams,

Maybe even sing a song or two,

And choose not to do a single thing.


The rain is gone now, it has refreshed my thoughts, there’s a song in my heart, and now the coffee beckons. I’m coming!!

Have a great weekend all.


Hey guys, please don’t forget to vote.

Just another couple of weeks to go.

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Best wishes,

4 Comments on “It’s raining this morning.

  1. Beautiful verses, Shobana. There is something about the rain I’ve come to enjoy. I didn’t grow up in a rainy place, and now live in one. Napping while it is raining is delightful. Have a lovely Sunday.

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