The Path of Shadowed Fronds

I walk the path of shadowed fronds,

Trailing the sands,

with steps shallow,

For the tides,




wash away

my tardy footprints.


Far across the horizon,

the sun is flawless,

Shining through cloudless skies, 

silencing the breeze,

that waltzes with the tides.

I am but a wayfarer in this world of contradictions,

Where truth and lies,

are at play with man’s affections,

They magnify, and yet they devour,

They parry not without each other,

For what is man,

without his priceless words of variation.

One day this, and on another – an exclamation;

It is but there in his mind,

to see a tale and tell a lie,

to see suffering and not bear its strife,

to neither stop or carry the burden of befriending,

the harshness of life,

or of those kind of wiles.

I am but a wayfarer in a world of reckoning,

Where words flow through hardened hearts,

and dissolve in unshed tears,

where sadness can remain in Bravehearts,

not heard of,

not seen,

and dismissed as an encumbrance.


7 Comments on “The Path of Shadowed Fronds

  1. Oh my goodness. This poem is exquisite. You have drawn such a beautiful picture through your words of life’s continuous paradox; and, hidden within your words, for me, is the knowledge that the ability to understand ones mind is imperative to the subtle understanding of what’s really available to us all. Simply gorgeous, Shobana.

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  2. “where sadness can remain in Bravehearts,

    not heard of,

    not seen,

    and dismissed as an encumbrance.”
    Such beautiful lines, Shobana. Yes, life is many things, people are of many demeanors, there are feelings that will be protected and hearts that will be slayed. It’s a constant battle. Lovely!

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