Two poems on Fevers of the Mind

Hey everyone,

Two of my poems have been published on Fevers of the Mind Art & Poetry blog today. They also conduct author interviews free.

Please read Perfect Love and Nostalgia, two short poems that I hope you will like: Here’s the link.

Fevers of the mind is also running a Retro Pop Culture Contest, 1930s – 1980. An interesting project that will run from October 15 – December 25.

Here’s a little of the details. You can visit their blog for more details.

So to all the great poets out there, I hope you will enter and win! Everyone’s a winner here:

Welcome to the Retro Pop Culture Contest 1930s -1980 
You can enter a poem, prose, haiku, sonnet, short story, flash fiction, art, sketching, short essay, retro photography/or manipulated to look retro photography.    Each entry is $2 per submission you send to the paypal:    Winner will get $25 and each entry as long as it isn't offensive/obscene (which will be an auto DQ and no refund) will get an automatic post on this website.  The posts that get the most traffic and best posts will be in better contention to win the prize.   This is a contest to help pay for maintaining fees on this website and hopes to expand next year.  We will be running different style contests throughout year.  If you'd like to participate in this as a challenge (but not be in our contest) you can also submit poems on these subjects.  
Please check out their website


Please don’t forget to vote for As Delicate as Snow. Go to page 7, scroll down and press on the book link: Thank you.

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