A Flowered Pawn

I knew it as the beauty meant to be,

I watched it bloom into the beauty it is today,

On some days. when you think of life as unbearable,

Just close your eyes,

And, Remember,

Life is meant to be lived like the rose,

From the seed into a plant,

A rosebud and then a flowered pawn.
Then when its time is over,

no matter what temperament the weather,

It will wither away, taking its fragrance with it,

However, you, its admirer,

will remember that it perfumed your garden, once,

And bloomed as if it would remain a young rose forever.

Life is meant to be lived as if you will be young forever! -shobana-

I am excited to share that my story, Some Danced in the Rain, has been accepted for publication by Something Or Other Publishing, LLC. I signed the Letter of Intent yesterday. I will let you know the details of the publication later. Thank you and have a great week ahead – shobana
An Extract from the story:
Those that survived did without knowing when they would count as those who didn’t. Those who didn’t see a way out, did so by enduring the complexities of the situation. Then, some danced in the rain.

10 Comments on “A Flowered Pawn

  1. Congratulations Shobana! Waiting for more details. Excited for you.
    And yes, the rose is a perfect example for the way life must be lived.
    Your words are always so wise and beautiful. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A beautiful poem, Shobana. I adore flowers and trees, and often reflect upon their similarities to human beings. Congrats on the new pub! Have a beautiful week. ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

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