On a bicycle ride

There were the rides we took together,

You and I, as the world passed slowly,

You asked me once, “why that was so? why did it seem like the world slowed down a little when we took our rides?”


It was so we could remember the laughter we shared, and smile,

It was so we could feel the breeze against our naked skin, and remember,

It was so the moment was captured forever in our hearts, minds and soul, so we could reminisce our time together.


I went looking for a gift for my daughter yesterday. It’s her birthday today, and as I took my seat in a Chinese café to have a late lunch, I saw this picture on the wall.

It took me back to my childhood days. They were days that meant the whole world to me. It’s sad sometimes that times like these are mentioned in the past tense. Blissful days that had passed with time, when we had no care in the world.

11 Comments on “On a bicycle ride

  1. What a lovely truth. I can remember riding to the corner store on a dirt road with the wind in my hair feeling free with a quarter in my pocket feeling free. Going to get candy. I guess we still have the memories. ❤️🤗

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  2. I love this poem, and the reminiscence you’ve shared with us, Shobana. Reminds me of the presence in each moment…and, the immense love that lives there. Beautiful. ☺️


  3. Thanks for sharing this, Shobana. Carefree days seem like some ancient folklore. Were they even there? Have to dive deep for those memories. I loved bike rides too. 🙂


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