The Single Marigold

Today was just too beautiful to not see the gold in the marigold,

The day had not bloomed as the petals of those flower did, vibrant and breathtaking.

The single marigold didn’t quite know what it represented,

Resplendent in its setting against the world,

Peace filled the garden it was raised upon.


A girl sat watching it sway against the distant breeze,

Not once, did it falter in its ways,

To stay firm and upright,

Controlled and oh, so filled with poise,

Its regality comparable to the royalties among its breed.

-shobana- On Kindle, Free on KU, Paperback edition available.

Take a train ride on a wintry day into the arms of love and entrapment.

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Best wishes,
Shobana Gomes

8 Comments on “The Single Marigold

  1. This poem speaks to me of equanimity. I love the relationship you draw upon with the flower, and humanity. Elegant and alway standing tall, as the world moves by. Beautiful, Shobana.

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