Cool October!

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It is the National Poetry Month in the UK. Jim MacCool, a British dramatic poet founded it in 2000, in the Shanachie tradition.

And, come October 14th, it is National Dessert Day. I had written a poem on sweet desert sometime ago and thought I would share it with you much earlier so that all of us have a wonderfully, sweet filled month of October.


It is a hard life that I live,

I wait as I would a bride, impatient,

Under the Alphonso mango tree,

Counting the days when the fruits ripen and fall to the ground.

It is hard, for the waiting is filled with suffused hunger and greed.

I was told that the common mango is quite the sweet-tempered delight,

That it may one day reign true as the Queen of all fruits,

Defined by a sweetness that borders lusciousness, deliciously appetizing, even quite regal in appearance.

An entrée or a slurpee, you decide!

Satiating the palates of Kings, noblemen, and country folks as I – just the same,

Whetting appetite, tastebuds, and even life.

Would Eve have insisted on the Mango instead of the Apple,

If she had known the essence of its sweet consumption,

Or its tangy fresh sensation,

And the titillating aroma that kisses senses,

Would God have made it the forbidden fruit?

Would Eve have been tempted to let Adam take a bite and learn of its zest?

What zest? You may ask, and I will tell you…

The zest for life, of course!

It takes the sourness out of the ripened fruits, much like how you drown out sorrow to relish in the brink of happiness,

For like the sweet mango, life is to be filled with sugary sentiments that will add to a saccharine what love does to a starving heart. Love is to die for, just as the craving for a sweet delight will fill you with the satisfaction of sweetened treats. Would you relate it as such?

A hint of fragrance fills my waning soul,

From the leaves that have drooped to where I sit below, the sweet-smelling Alphonso tree, confusing my wise judgment to let it be, until time ripens in tandem with its fruiting season,

The mouth-watering delight keeps me fantasizing of its tasteful delicacy,

When, when will the fruit-satisfying craving be mine to savor yet again?

So, I wait as I would for a bride, with unbridled attention, and love for the fruitful pleasures of the mango’s gastronomic contentment.

The End.

haha, a poem to begin the UK National Poetry Month too. The festival is usually celebrated on the first Thursday of October.

Have a lovely month ahead guys!


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5 Comments on “Cool October!

  1. “So, I wait as I would for a bride, with unbridled attention, and love for the fruitful pleasures of the mango’s gastronomic contentment.”
    A mango can evoke such strong emption. Haha!
    I love them too. They come and go so soon.
    Lovely and delicious writing, Shobana. 🙂


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