The beauty laid bare for all

On a summery, windy day,

Perhaps, it is the blooms of the morning glory,

Waking the morn,

Or, the brisk breeziness of the cold wind, that caresses,

Invigorating as it refreshes,

Not the morn, or the day that follows,

Nor the evening, or the night after,

I know not what captures the heart more,

Perhaps, we see not beauty the way it should be seen,

laid bare for all.

I wasn’t sure what to write today, and came up with this poem. Somedays, are just meant for rambling I guess:)


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6 Comments on “The beauty laid bare for all

  1. I wish I could ramble so beautifully. Haha.
    The eyes truly see what they want. Let the beauty be visible to all.
    Lovely and hopeful, Shobana. Your words reflect you. 🙂


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