Poetas Del Mundo

In a world threatened by human unconsciousness, turning poetry into a real force capable of influencing the fate of humanity.

I love this slogan. So, when Movimiento Poetas del Mundo’s Luis Arias Manzo invited me to join the movement, I was delighted.

About the Movement:

The Poets of the World Movement was founded on October 14, 2005, in Chile by the writer Luis Arias Manzo. In a short time, it became the main poets’ guild on the planet, bringing together more than 9,500 members from more than one hundred and thirty countries. One of its main objectives is to turn the word into a real force capable of influencing the destinies of humanity and the balance of the threatened planet.

Please read my first poem featured on their website titled, Of Distance and Friendship.



Please don’t forget to vote. Appreciate your support!!

1. Go to page 7 and scroll down to the link.

Nominated for the 2021 reader’s choice awards by TCK Publishing. Thanks so much for your support.
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6 Comments on “Poetas Del Mundo

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  2. So hopeful and beautiful, Shobana.
    A glimmer in the darkness. A positive step in the right direction.
    If only every individual would reach out their hand to offer some support and security.
    The world could live a little better. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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