As Delicate as their love

Chosen by the Desi Book Club for their next reading!

As Delicate As Snow is a story I wrote in parts when I visited the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I kept thinking about how the delicate snow blanketed the landscape and turned it into a magical paradise. My friend made angel imprints on the snow when we stopped for a while. I wasn’t well that time, so I just stood nearby and watched, wishing I could do the same.

The whole time, on the way up the mountains, I couldn’t get over the scenery. I wrote bits and pieces of the breathtaking view. 

I needed a story that would complement what I had to say about the snow. And, I found Andrew to fall head over heels in love with Serena.

you will never look at snow the same way again – shobana

It was then that we learned about the wisdom of snow. Snow was as delicate as it looked. Its softness was like a cotton blanket that looked like it was full of warmth, only, it cradled the steps of wayfarers, silky in fashion, endearing in appearance, fresh as dew, nevertheless, freezing upon touch. (taken from my book)

Hey Everyone,

As Delicate as Snow is the new book chosen for reading by Desi Book Club.

Also, the book has been nominated for the 2021, Reader’s Choice Award Contest by TCK Publishing. Looking forward to your support. Please vote here, on page 7:

It is free to read on Kindle Unlimited. USD0.99 on kindle. Paperback Edition available:

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