If Only

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If only time stood still,

And, if we could retrace our steps,

To the time of naivety, innocence and awe.


We would,

laugh at the sun that caught our eyes,

sometimes creating an illusive vision of what is before us,

A mirage, a glazed encounter or something even more spectacular.


We would,

remember that love begets a sense of belonging,

I am yours and you, mine,

A protective, possessive endearment,

A bridge between heart and soul.


We would,

have a chart before us,

crayons and pencils,

once new, now used, broken,

scattered around us,

the colors wildly chasing dreams imagined.


We would,

Never leave our childhood behind,

No, not those happy moments,

Or the blissful playground rides,

Or dance with carefree indulgence,

to music that will drown out sounds

of negation.


If only time stood still, we would have retraced our steps, to the time of you and me, and chosen love, happiness, and peace.

In the stillness of the hour, sometimes the heart does meander.



9 Comments on “If Only

  1. Beautiful thoughts and words, Shobana. If only, time could return to more carefree days. But ignorance is now considered a weakness. The world is becoming a more difficult place. 🙂

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