I stand on the hemline of Green,

Where my soul is fed with touches of serenity and peace,

Where not a sound is unwelcome,

Of the birds that hide their voices,

among thistles and bushes,

caring not if their wings take flight.

Just like me and the creatures around them,

They relish in the stillness of the moment,

Watching me through watchful, beady eyes,

Is it the crown that attracts their attention,

Or the lone figure that I make,

A vision on peaceful waters.

Not a pebble will I disturb,

The stillness surrounds a virgin embodiment,

Not a leaf will I pluck from their branches,

Not a ripple will I create,

To arouse a place of tranquility,

Where no mar of noise will break a cove of silence.

I stand emancipated on the hemline of Green.


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