The last time I wrote about reflections, I was inspired by a song by the Marmalade.

There are days when you reflect on the has been, what is and the come what may.

Today I reflect on the has been.

08/09 will forever be etched in our hearts and minds as a grim reminder of the day my brother died. He was the last of my siblings, young, energetic, with a great smile, well-dressed and a successful entrepreneur. He was incredibly intelligent. He could memorize things in a split second just like the calculations he does in his mind without the use of a calculator.

We were at the Niagara Falls when we got the distressing news very early in the morning. The previous night, I had been entranced by The Niagara at nightfall. I couldn’t get over the awesomeness of the place.

I can never explain the pain or sense of loss I felt when I heard the news. He and I were really close. Before I left to Canada, he had spent time with us till late night. Asking me over and over again, if I wanted to go the next day. Why?, he asked, and I said, It’s something I had to do.

He died a day before his birthday.

His birthdays are always celebrated in style.

I think right now he is in a happy place, with my sister and dad, playing a game of cards. He was a great guy and one of his favorite song was Imagine by John Lennon.

He was always a dreamer. Always that guy who is there to help someone in need in any way he can.

He believed in miracles, he believed that everyone deserved a chance, he would help the poor without a second thought, he was always the giver. Never once biased about race, culture or religion. Rest in Peace, Desmond.

Here’s Imagine for you.

2 Comments on “Reflections

  1. Losing a loved one is so traumatic. I hope you have found peace, Shobana.
    Life is unpredictable. I hope your dear brother rests in peace. Cherish his memories.
    Much love and healing to you.

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