Another week starts. Here’s A Reason for you.

Hey Everyone,
Another week starts, and I wonder what lies in store for us. Nothing unbeatable I hope.

A Reason

Here’s a reason why I look to the sun,

It always shines bright,

Bridging the divide between dark and cumbersome.

I look away from sadness,

Not that it doesn’t affect me,

Like you, it takes the sun away from my life.

Would you fault me for that?

Each day brings with it a sad song,

I am tired to see all the wrongs,

Each day has its own setbacks,

Why can’t there be a day to lay it to rest,

However, there is a light that springs forth from all sadness,

That will lead you not astray.

To experience sadness 

is to

treasure happiness.

It is a topsy-turvy world out there,

Do not fault me if I seek the sun?


Reading takes you to places you have never been – shobanaHere I talk about Another Place to Call Home.

3 Comments on “Another week starts. Here’s A Reason for you.

  1. So good to see you, Shobana. The book sounds really interesting.
    I will check it out on Amazon.
    Love can be very surprising at times.
    And your poetry is so beautiful.
    I hope you always have bright sunshine in your life. Shine on… 🙂

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