Last Night I Wrote About September

It was autumn when I stepped into its shoes, so far away from home, as far-reaching as the rainbow that crossed the universe one morning when I was there.

Last night I wrote about September. How the month is special in more ways than one. 

September brings forth fond memories as well as crushing ones.

It hurts that you are gone, the pain still raw like it has just begun. But then, you are there someplace where no hurt can touch your kindred heart. So then, I write here what makes September a special month for all.

Have a great month everyone.

Here are some links to my books that you might find interesting:


You will never look at snow the same way again.  I wrote the story in parts. Read the reviews here:

Here’s a poem published on MasticadoreIndia: Those Shimmering Tides


Nature’s Five Reflections of Freedom

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Nature’s five reflections of Freedom:

  • The price of liberty is freedom.
  • Freedom is described and achieved through different interpretations.
  • Nature’s reflection of freedom is priceless.
  • Freedom flourishes in the simplest.
  • Freedom is a priced commodity.

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The Story of Tea

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The unique story of TEA: From an Emperor of China’s discovery to the Portuguese Priests and Merchants introducing it to Europe in the 16th century, the fashionable drink for the British, a story blended with health benefits.ADD TO CARTSKU: PK05Category: E-booksTags: conscious livingfoodhealthlifestylewellness

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