Those Shimmering Tides by Shobana Gomes

MasticadoresIndia has published my poem, The Shimmering Tides, on the 1st edition in print.
Wishing Terveen Gill and her team the very best in all their endeavors.

MasticadoresIndia // Editora: Terveen Gill

The sun rays sparkling upon gentle tides and the shore
Image Source: Snappa

Those shimmering tides bring back memories,

Of some past, reminiscent of a bygone era when time stands still,

An everlasting.

I have stepped on pebbles small and large,

Tread on sun-dried leaves,

Sidestepped tracks that sea-crabs built,

Walked soundless on a cradled beach,

Barefoot – silkiness adorning my tender feet.

Those shimmering tides, though exultant, hide sad truths,

Beneath its seabed lie stories, buried forever,

Beyond a billion years,

As fortresses.

Are not the bones of our forefathers buried there?

Haven’t sunk ships disappeared into the depths of its sunken floor?

Weren’t men devoured by sea monsters caught in its lair?

Where the hidden treasures of a past world lie, lost.

The pursuit for mortals that dive deep,

Searching, exploring,

Some surface while some never resurface,

They lie next to the treasures, dead.

Those shimmering tides manifest a lover’s oath,

They tease and torment the sea clandestinely,

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