That girl on the train

8 of the World's Longest Train Rides | Condé Nast Traveler

I wondered once if the train would derail,

If I would be ready to get down in the middle of nowhere,

If it would stop an oncoming train in its tracks,

What about the other passengers?

Would they be in a hurry to leave without a trace.


I was once that girl on the train leaning against its window to the outside world.


Just a note to say that I will be off this blog for a while. Getting on a train ride, haha. Take care all my friends at WP and stay safe. – – shobana

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4 Comments on “That girl on the train

  1. Beautiful words, Shobana. Yes, there are abrupt stops in one’s journey. Wouldn’t it be so intriguing to stop in the middle of nowhere? And set off in the direction of one’s heart.
    Will miss you here. Stay safe and hope to have you back soon. 🙂


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