A Place to Dream featured

My poem, A Place to Dream, from my book, Walking Through Beauty, Timeless Footsteps is featured on The Winning Writers July’21 edition. Great feeling!

Here’s the link to the poem. Thank you, Jendi and Adam!


Things are really getting us down at the home front. The number of Covid 19 cases have risen alarmingly. Many friends have lost their lives to the dreaded virus, and I am wondering when it will end.

Everyday we wake up to some sad news or other. People have to look after themselves and their loved ones and keep distancing themselves. Can you imagine that? We are not able to socialize or be out in the public. My state is under full lockdown now.

My mom was worried about us going out for essentials and she was telling us about all the bad news that she gets through her contacts every day. I told her that it will affect her if she keeps reading or watching channels that highlight only the sad & bad news. I said, “ma read some of my poetry, or one of my stories to keep you occupied as well, haha.” Because I really think under the circumstances, you need to divert your attention to other things as well, especially if you are home bound.

And she came up with a cute reply. “I think only you think that way. How to ignore all that is happening. Maybe because you are a writer.”

That’s my mom! She has herself entrenched in so many disheartening news that she cannot divulge into something that makes her happy! It almost feels wrong to be happy or live freely these days.

There is that beautiful tree full of birds that can enlighten your mood, or the garden of roses that will take away some of the gloom. Why not give peace of mind and heart a chance, at least amongst the chaos, it will lighten your burdens of the day.

I do that. I read about the everyday sadness, say a little prayer for those who are affected because it does bring me down, and then turn my attention to the beauty of life. I have, I assure you, lived with sadness for a long, long time. It is something you have to overcome.

We have to make life beautiful for our loved ones. We have to rise above the storms of life.

I have found a place to dream, I hope you find yours too.


A Place to Dream – read it here: https://winningwriters.com/resources/category/featured-poems-from-our-subscribers

6 Comments on “A Place to Dream featured

  1. A beautiful and heart warming poem, Shobana. I love it. I also appreciate your commentary about the virus and about life, and the hope that lives within. Beautiful.

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  2. A beautiful poem! And yes, it’s a trying time, but we all have to take solace in hope that this too shall pass.


  3. You have a wonderful and hopeful heart, Shobana. I think it’s better to see things differently than the way most people see them.
    Why dwell on negativity? It won’t give anything. Might as well see what’s good and what can be even better.
    Everyone’s been a part of the prevailing bad times. Have to move on with some peace of mind.
    Your poem is really lovely. So well-deserved. 🙂

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