Not All Are Alike

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Why is the world reeling with so much pain? she asked,

That day the sky was downcast, the sun hidden,

Not even the rain wanted to spill off the clouds,

Not even the flowers that bloomed, could brighten.


He took her hand in his, looking at her beautiful fingers, he said,

“Look, not all your fingers are the same, and they make up your hands,

The madness of this world is just the same, not all look alike, not all think alike, not all believe alike,

and not all want to reside in beauty. They bring the much dreaded sadness around,

and destroy a world of beauty. They believe in creating pain.”


This time her tears fell unabashedly, because what he says is so true.

The world is filled with ones who have the power to control the minds of others,

The world is filled with them that destroys the peace of another,

The world is filled with deceit, manipulation, false words and destruction,

and hence, there thrives pain.


Look at the flowers, they inspire the world with their beauty, they care not if they are submerged in rain or shine,

they show their resilience to spring forth with much pride, for they do not trample the grass that grows by their side,

instead they beautify the world together side by side.


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