It is my pleasure to announce the Write Shobana A Poem winners as follows:

1. Petals of Deceit by Stephen Allen

Rose petals pressed dead between hand written pages

Rescued from the final insult among crumpled words

And this mornings half eaten discarded Danish

From a friend that was once trusted, but never twice

Reminders of the knife twisted in blatant cruelty and greed

Conscience or remorse, mere words scattered about these pages

Acrid scent of decay, fragrance of honour brittle and crumbling

A facade of false beliefs, in ruins, this construct of insanity

The blind leading the fallen

battling over scraps of discarded pastry

And yesterdays fallen trust, where discarded friends are laid bare.

Note: As I see it:- I asked the question: I write because…

The poem has me imagining how Stephen rescues rose petals from total disintegration. Words can either be insulting or nurturing if you read between the lines.

The poem exemplifies the importance of how lost trust in a friend is hard to redeem. Once bitten, twice shy. Trust begins with honesty and how true that is.

What became clear through this telling piece is that there are various kinds of information derived through the written word. It can either be damaging or uplifting.

It is remarkable how Stephen uses the rose as his metaphor to explain the various sentiments associated with or exposed through writing.

Stephen writes as he feels. 

2. I WRITE TO BE by Terveen Gill


I am the words I write

They spill from me, parts of heart, soul, mind

Creating an illusion of wholeness, camouflaging the brokenness

The fears of I and me, the courage of you, she, he

Cursed lives seeking redemption

My tears cleanse the pages, my words mend the sadness

Neither writer nor poet, simply amateurish endeavor

Finding purpose, piecing together reasons

To cast out the darkness, wishing for tomorrow’s madness

There’s no one but me and them

So on and on I write.

Note: As I see it, I asked the question: I write because…

Terveen says that she is not a poet, but she has written a remarkably touching poem.

It speaks to the heart, mind, and soul, which is what a poem ultimately aspires to impress on a reader.

As a novelist, she has written stories that tug at heartstrings, and here she eloquently says in her meanderings that her tears cleanse pages, and her words mend the sadness.

What a lovely way to express sentiments. She is what she says she is: I am the words I write.

(Write on Terveen, your words have a place in every heart).

And touché, here’s a surprise entry that pulled at my heartstrings, there was no way these two wouldn’t get an eBook from me.

3. OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD by Aidan & Khloe

This is a lyrical poem, written and composed to music by two remarkably talented children, Aidan, and Khloe, who lives in the Southern region of Malaysia. They are of Irish/Malaysian Indian ethnicity, and I loved how they entered their poem with so much enthusiasm for their favorite subject matter – nature!

They are sports enthusiasts, musically inclined as they play a number of instruments, plus avid readers! Here’s their poem and photo attached.

Children – they speak from their heart!


We cannot replace our beautiful world, Oh no!
Climbing the highest mountain
Swimming in the deepest sea
Trekking through the mystical jungle
Watching all the orangutan play

We cannot replace our beautiful world, Oh no!
Diving into a school of fish
Looking at the beautiful stars
Paragliding over Nature
Watching the birds flying high

We cannot replace our beautiful world, Oh no!

By Aidan 9years old &
       Khloe 6years old

4. I Write Because by Kaushal Kishore

Poem: I Write Because

I write because as a tiny creature of this vast universe,

I too have some ideas unique, similar to or inspired by others,

some sweet, some bitter, some spicy, and some closer to heart and mind,

the targeted audience may or may not come across what I write,

but I have to bring the same in black and white,

no, it’s not a worm wriggling to come out of me,

it’s neither literary diarrhoea nor mental indigestion,

it’s rather my responsibility to share what I have gained from this great universe,

it’s an attempt to download what has been uploaded throughout my life,

before my memory starts fading away,

before L of YOLO (You Only Live Once) comes to an end,

else, the whole thing will go away with me unsaid, unlettered, unsung,

I write because others may get some ideas to make their L a bit better,

it’s up to them, but let me do my part…

–Kaushal Kishore

Note: As I see it: I asked the question:- I write because…

Kaushal Kishore’s poem speaks for writers as a whole. A heartfelt contribution to a worthy cause. I read most of his poems because of its relatability to every day life. He inspires, as he nurtures minds through his words.

Thank you for your submissions. It is a wonderful way to get to know the various wordsmiths who inspire our world every day. Everyone has a unique way to tell their stories. I have never been happier giving away the eBooks to the exemplary writers. 

Enjoy the books!



  1. All lovely, dear Shobana, what a lovely contest, and beautiful, pieces. And, yay, Terveen! I love Terveen’s poem. Beautiful, touching, moving and inspiring. Love it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Shobana for taking so much pains in organising it and announcing the winners as also sending e-books. It was a pleasant experience to be a part of this. Congratulations to my fellow winners 🎉 Thanks once again for giving an opportunity to share our ideas and knowing other talented writers and their work.🙏🙏💐💐


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  4. Thank you so much, Shobana, for the wonderful opportunity. It was so much fun to put these lines together. The theme was a beautiful one.
    I write because…
    How much can be said and expressed about a writer’s reason to write. It’s a puzzling thought, a sweet quandary.
    I would like to congratulate Stephen, Aidan & Khloe, and Kaushal. Their words are beautiful. Glimpses into creative minds, shaping thoughts and feelings into meaningful and elegant words.
    And the prize – a free eBook – is much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Terveen, You are absolutely right. Writers are queer lot, haha. Happy you got the Ebook, but then you deserved it. You wrote a remarkable poem. Also, for your kind wishes to the other writers.

      Liked by 1 person

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