Ends today 11/07 (MYT) – 11.59PM

The Poet~Yesterday~The Story of Tea~The Act of Contrition~Reaching Out for the Heaven In You~The Curse of Mahsuri~Falling In Love With A North Indian~The Curse of the White Rose

Write a poem and win a free Ebook.

Subscribe to my blog. It is free. Write me a poem and name the book you are interested to read.

Theme: I write because…(for writers)

I love books about…(for readers). Length: Ten to fifteen lines max.

All poems will be published in my blog.
Only two lucky winners will be chosen.
Ends: 11/07/2021

Good Luck. To those who submitted, don’t forget to let me know the book you are interested to read. Thank you for your submissions.
Have a fun time writing a poem. Ends on 11/07 – 11.59pm (Malaysian Standard Time) – Today!!

10 Comments on “Ends today 11/07 (MYT) – 11.59PM

  1. I’m not sure whether this has been successfully posted or not at your site. So I repost here

    Poem: I Write Because

    I write because as a tiny creature of this vast universe,

    I too have some ideas unique, similar to or inspired by others,

    some sweet, some bitter, some spicy, and some closer to heart and mind,

    the targeted audience may or may not come across what I write,

    but I have to bring the same in black and white,

    no, it’s not a worm wriggling to come out of me,

    it’s neither literary diarrhoea nor mental indigestion,

    it’s rather my responsibility to share what I have gained from this great universe,

    it’s an attempt to download what has been uploaded throughout my life,

    before my memory starts fading away,

    before L of YOLO (You Only Live Once) comes to an end,

    else, the whole thing will go away with me unsaid, unlettered, unsung,

    I write because others may get some ideas to make their L a bit better,

    it’s up to them, but let me do my part…

    –Kaushal Kishore

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    • Hi KK,

      Did you have problems logging in? It’s all right, I will paste it from here. As a note, could you mention which ebook you want to read? Thank you for participating.

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      • No, I faced problem while posting. Thank you for such a prompt response, Shobana. Let me win first, then I’ll let you know. Thanks again 🙏

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    • Hi Kaushal,

      Thank you for participating in Write to Shobana A Poem to win a free Ebook.
      Your poem, I Write Because has won, and here is why I picked the poem.

      Note: As I see it, I asked the question: I write because…

      Kaushal Kishore’s poem speaks for writers as a whole. A heartfelt contribution to a worthy cause. I read most of his poems because of its relatability to every day life. He inspires, as he nurtures minds through his words.

      Congratulations! Thank you for participating and I look forward to reading more of your poems.

      Please pick an Ebook you want to read, and let me have your email address so I can send you the Ebook.

      Best wishes,
      Shobana Gomes

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