A story hard to tell

I listened, and listened,

I had a story too, to tell,

But it seemed so inconsequential, when I heard the other stories,

They were stories that needed to be told as well.


The world is full of stories,

Not one not worth the time listening,

I kept my story for another day,

I would tell it to someone who had none to tell.


Wherefore art thou my soulmate? The stories have reached unnumbered pages, chapters not yet erased,

I wait for the end but it is in vain.


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4 Comments on “A story hard to tell

  1. Poem: I Write Because

    I write because as a tiny creature of this vast universe,

    I too have some ideas unique, similar to or inspired by others,

    some sweet, some bitter, some spicy, and some closer to heart and mind,

    the targeted audience may or may not come across what I write,

    but I have to bring the same in black and white,

    no, it’s not a worm wriggling to come out of me,

    it’s neither literary diarrhoea nor mental indigestion,

    it’s rather my responsibility to share what I have gained from this great universe,

    it’s an attempt to download what has been uploaded throughout my life,

    before my memory starts fading away,

    before L of YOLO (You Only Live Once) comes to an end,

    else, the whole thing will go away with me unsaid, unlettered, unsung,

    I write because others may get some ideas to make their L a bit better,

    it’s up to them, but let me do my part…

    –Kaushal Kishore


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