A poem for an Ebook

To all you talents and wordsmiths out there.

Write Shobana a poem and win a free Ebook. You get to choose the book you want!

Write me a poem and name the book you are interested to read.

Theme: I write because…(for writers)

I love books about…(for readers).

Length: Ten to fifteen lines max.

All poems will be published in my blog.
Only two lucky winners will be chosen.
Ends: 11/07/2021


Here’s the latest addition to the blog:-

So I did a little bit of reimaging again, lol. There is always something to add on!

Get the free Ebook. Send me a poem. Details on https://shobanabookstation.blogspot.com.


It was the eighteenth century. A beautiful Siamese princess named Mahsuri was wrongly accused of adultery and stabbed to death. 
Before she died, she cursed the fabled island of Langkawi for seven generations.

4 Comments on “A poem for an Ebook

  1. Hi Shobana,

    Here is a poem for consideration. I tried to access you bookcase link but it gave me a server error. So here it is:

    Petals Of Deceit

    Rose petals pressed dead between hand written pages Rescued from the final insult, among crumpled words And this mornings half eaten discarded Danish

    From a friend that was once trusted, but never twice Reminders of the knife twisted in blatant cruelty and greed Conscience or remorse, mere words scattered about these pages

    Acrid scent of decay, fragrance of honour brittle and crumbling A façade of false beliefs, in ruins, this construct of insanity The blind leading the fallen, battling over scraps of discarded pastry

    And yesterdays fallen trust, where discarded friends are laid bare

    Stoic Poetry


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    • Hey Stephen, Thanks so much for informing me about the server error. I tried the links and it worked. I am sorry about the technical error. I am really happy you sent me your poem. I wish you the best. I will keep it on file until the 12th when the winners are revealed. It’s great to have your participation – shobana


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