Other Meanderings.

Official: Controlling wild horses in US will take $5b, 15 years |  Environment News | Al Jazeera

Let those little buds ripen, like it did last spring,

It is Summer here, make hay while the sun shines.


The thing is, you could be an observer, but you wouldn’t like to be observed, wouldn’t you agree?

There is that matter of privacy you say, plus, a lot of other meanderings disturbing,


That girl looking out the window, at one time was me,

As we sped across the causeway, I knew the end was nearing,

Only, when you have the breeze blowing,

and the wilds grazing,

Or the scenes spellbinding,

How can you think of your journey ending?


I am uploading my books to Shobana’s Book Station. Please don’t think I am writing a book a day, lol.

The Act of Contrition – A story of torment, guilt and retribution.


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