The Perfect Love

The Perfect Love

Not of the flowers, Not of the wilds,

Not of the gentle streams,

Not of the rainbow.

Not of the beauteous.


It is but, a form of madness,

A tumultuous sensation,

That bridges the heart and mind,

That takes one on a caravan of bumps and rides,

On a journey of unearthing,

Of self and the “other.”


The Perfect Love is within

The folds of carelessness and sensitivity,

Within the boundaries of

Smiles and tears,

Within the pounding of a heart’s sensible fears.

There she goes, running, tripping falling,

Her heart beating,


Her pace within the capricious intake of breath.

Her mind unencumbered,

There is that freedom of being in love.

He wills it, even if her steps falter,

His love binding,

Even through the storms of his heartbeat.

He waits, a vision of tenacity.


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5 Comments on “The Perfect Love

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Terveen, Shobana, a beautifully descriptive poem about the connection within, and the exploration thereof. Gorgeous. And, I love the note on tea. Fantastic!

    Liked by 1 person

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