My book blog is finally done. I’m sure there will be other hitches over time. Gosh, it was something else to get everything functioning well, especially the integration. From a non-technically savvy person, there were so many hitches I had to overcome. Thank God for do-it yourself videos and tutorials.

This blog will feature my eBooks at a discounted price, plus free eBooks to read. Only eBooks, my friends.

Please visit to get the trending discounted book, Falling in Love With A North Indian, at RM2.20, plus the Crying Walls for you to read free. It is retailing in Malaysian ringgit.

Have your books delivered to your emails or Facebook Messenger at the touch of a button, and please subscribe to my blog for new updates.

Please like and follow my Facebook page: https:/

I think I will get that sleep now, it has been a harrowing time getting everything sorted:) I am still not sure…

He was the perfect distraction! Little did Anjali know that the day she landed in Trivandrum, he had set sights on her.


7 Comments on “Finally

  1. This is wonderful!
    A great concept.
    And the video delivers on building the reader’s interest. Wish you much luck and success with this. 🙂


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