Build a home with me

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It wasn’t that the day was bright and sunny, but the warmth of the words on the rug was enough to tug those strings of her heart.


She hesitated to answer him this time, he had asked her to build a home with him,

“How would you want your home built?” she asked, her mind envisioning a home that would make her happy. She wouldn’t reveal how she wanted her home to be, his answer more so of importance,

“It has be comfortable, wouldn’t you agree? It has to have spring even through tough winters, It has to have birds flying freely, perching on trees that provide shade to the wingless, and must definitely be a home filled with the aroma of freshly baked cupcakes…”

“Cupcakes?” she asked with a smile.

“Yes, cupcakes! It has the right blend of sweetness, niceness, and deliciousness.”

“It would be a home built on the trappings of a heavenly presence – it would be a home of love, built from scratch with you.”

“Aha,” and she smiles her answer away….

The leaves were dancing outside, while two little birds perched on the cables, sang, “it has to be a home built on the right foundation.”


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